3 Exercises For A Ripped Chest

Do you have a chest as flat as plank of wood instead of a mountain of muscle? Do you get weird looks at your body every time you change for the gym? Even after dauntlessly long hours at the gym do you still not have the chest you dreamed of? Maybe you think its just how its going to be, you're wrong!
The chest has three main parts to it, the upper the lower and the middle. There is no point exercising your chest without a clue of which part you are exercising. If you really want to see fast results, be specific! Do an exercise which focuses on a certain part of your chest and keep doing it. For example having variation in the incline of your bench for bench-press will put more pressure on a certain part of your chest. Having the bench inclined to 60-70* will allow you to work your upper chest. A 10-30* incline will make you work your middle chest region. A flat bench or even a 30* decline will lead to a more effective lower chest workout. So to achieve best results make a plan to do all three types of chest workouts and you will see your chest burst with lean muscle.

Bench Press
Using the bench press is possible one of the most effective ways of getting a shredded chest. As I've said above the bench press can be done with many variations and different techniques. The Bench press can be done with wide arm grips or narrow arm grips. However, for  more of a chest workout focus, the wide arm grip is recommended as your chest is widened when arms are widened and this makes the exercises more effective. The narrow grip will be be more effectively for shoulder exercises.

Push Up
If your looking to increase your chest size without weight you can always do it the traditional way. Push ups use your own body weight and, just like bench press,  can be specified and altered to focus exercising certain body parts. The push ups can be down three ways to increase the size  of your flat benched chest. You can do them wide (by spreading your arms further to the sides than usual) or narrow with your elbows  tucked into your ribs every time you press up. Wide push ups focuses more on the upper chest and narrow focuses more on the lower chest. The third and final way to do push ups includes an object which you place under each hand. this makes your height higher when you push up. But it also allows you to push down more as you have more space letting you expand the exercise to make it harder.This can be down with a wide  grip or narrow tuck in.

Chest Dips

You ask why this is a  chest exercise? Isn't this supposed to be for your triceps? NO! Triceps dips are similar, however, if you alter the exercise a it will be an effective chest workout. A normal triceps dip should mean you  back is at a right angle to the ground while dipping. But a chest dip involves your chest leaning forward slightly as you dip. This stretches the chest muscles when going down and contracts then when going up, it is very similar to the declining bench press. 

By preforming these three main exercises you can get the awesome ripped chest you've always wanted.