Obliques Workout

A six pack looks great. But a six pack with toned obliques looks even better. Having trouble toning your obliques after countless hour of crunching in the gym? Maybe you think its just not for you...

Your wrong! Here are 4 oblique crushing exercises to get a better looking six pack.
Obliques are muscles which make up the sides of the six pack. They only show when you have a low overall body fat, so remember to keep the calories per day in con Obliques usually are used when twisting and turning your body. When you throw weights, bat in cricket, or even when you are on a boat rowing down the Thames. The main action that strengthen this muscle group is twist and turning.

Dumbbell Hurls
Hurling dumbbells from behind your thighs to above your opposite shoulder will turn your body and stretch those obliques. Remember to maintain a good posture during the exercise and to include little momentum from the hurling as possible.
This is one of the most effective exercises because it targets your core as well as your obliques. To do it go into bicycle crunch position which is basically balancing your weight on your glutes and lower back making sure your shoulders and legs are off the floor. Next,  grab a dumbbell and twist side to side. Done. Easy way to master your obliques.

Side Plank Dip
This exercise targets your hip and lower obliques. It is good to tone obliques from every angle for proper sculpted features. Get into side plank position balancing your self on one arm. Next thrust your hip up wards towards the ceiling and come back down. Remember to swap sides.

Bicycle Crunches
One of the most used and popular exercise. Everyone uses it. Whether to do lower abs , upper abs, even obliques! To do a bicycle crunch go into the same position for the side to side as described above. Simply cycle your legs as if on a bike, making sure the opposite hand meets the opposite leg elbow to knee. This will stretch your obliques perfectly.

So the main things to think about to get good obliques is to achieve a strong core, click here to find out what your six pack workout is missing. With a very low body fat to muscle ratio your obliques will definitely show. Do all four crushing exercises and your obliques will grow in no time.